Skanderbeg- Albanian National Hero

The magnificent goat-headed helmet came to Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg as a gift from his ally, the Duke of Milan, Francesco Sforza in 1464. In Europe at that time and after his death, Skanderbeg was first considered a humanist figure, before being considered a political and military profile.


Information on the movement of foreign nationals in Albania

  Starting from September 6th of 2021, to enter the territory of the Republic of Albania, whether by land, sea or air, travelers must present to authorities: • A vaccination passport, valid starting from two weeks after the administration of the second dose; OR


Vermoshi River part of the Danube Basin

  Vermoshi River is part of the Danube Basin and it is the only one in Albania that does not discharge into Adriatic Sea.With its two tributaries of Lëpushë and Greben, it has special importance in the European context because it flows into the Danube.


Albania gets elected for the first time in the Security Council

Albania will have a seat as a non-permanent member of UN Security Council for 2022-2023. It will be an historic achievement.


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