Jubilee Session on the 60th Ananiversary of Albanian Emigration in Belgium at the Federal Parliament in Brussels

On the eve of the First Summit of Albanian Diaspora in Tirana and the events on the ccasion of the 60th Aniversary of the arrival of the first Albanian emigrants in Belgium, a jubilee session was held at the Chamber of Representatives of the Kingdom of Belgium on the evening of 16 November 2016.
This event took place under the auspices of Madame Suela Janina, Ambassador of Albania in Belgium/Head of Mission to the EU and Mr.Koen Metsu, Federal MP, Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Group Belgium – Albania in cooperation with Albaniann cultural organizations.
Attending this session were federal and local MPs, chairs of communes in Brussels, members of the Parliamentary Friendship Group Belgium – Albania, Director General of Caritas International, Mr.François Cornet, chairs and members of Albanian cultural organizations, prominent representatives of the comunity of arts, culture, business and others, students and Belgian friends and well-wishers.
The session was  opened by MP Koen Metsu who commended the Albanian emigration in Belgium as a success story.
Then, Mr. Ahmet Gjanaj, Member of the Parliament of Brussels and representative of the first waves of migratioon in Belgium greeted the participants.
Afterwards, Mr. Lek Pervizi, chairman of the former Politically Persecuted Persons and Mr. Safet Kryemadhi, publicist aqnd reprezszentative of trhe first wave of migration spoke at length on the history and dynamics of the Albanain diaspora during the last 60 years.  Whereas Ms. Lindiana Islami saluted those present on behalf of the youngest generation of Albanian Diaspora in Belgium.
They underlined that  Albanian emigrants have become good Belgian citizens, they are succesfuly integrated into the life and Belgian society. Many of them are MPs, couselors in the local government, journalists, artists, bussinessmen and scholars.
They pointed out the hospitality, generosity and firm support provided by the Belgian monarchy, government, parliament, Caritas and society.
Ambassador Suela Janina saluted the participants. She dwelled among others on the significance of the First Historic Diaspora Summit in Tirana and the representation of Albanians in Belgium at such an important event.
Finally a Cocktail was hosted accompanied with musical intermexos by the Artistic Group of the Albanian school “ Vatra” 

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