Embassy Services

In the framework of the political, economic and social relations, the Embassy addresses the following tasks and aspects:

The representation as well as other protocol and ceremonial aspects,

Further development and promotion of political dialogue and relations in all walks of life, based on the representation and protection of the interests of the Albanian state and citizens. The establishment through contacts of a pro-albanian lobby in the different circles and institutions in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The preparation and organization of periodic diplomatic consultations as well as senior and top level visits. These activities are designed to ensure ongoingly the support by Belgium and Luxembourg for the Albanian state and government, for the major institutional reforms and, in particular, for our country’s full integration to the EU.

The Embassy holds and promotes continuous contacts with the Foreign Ministries and the highest state bodies – the Royal Palace, the Prime Minister’s Office on federal and regional level and with line  deparments in Belgium and Luxembourg.

In the framework of parliamentary diplomacy, in cooperation with the relevant bodies of our Assembly, the Embassy keeps and further promotes the multifaceted relations with the Belgian Federal Chamber of Representatives and the Senate, with the parliaments of the three major regions and the three linguistic communities in Belgium and in Luxembourg.

A particular place in this respect is accounted for by the contacts and cooperation with the friendship parliamentary groups odf the three  countries.

While attaching priority to Economic Diplomacy, in close cooperation with the line departments of the three countries, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency ( AIDA) with the Agency of Foreign Trade of Valonia (AWEX) and that of Flanders ( FIT), the Embassy supports the intensification of the relations of economic cooperation, as well as the signature of trade and economic agreements.

In this regard, it pays special attention to the promotion of investments in the priority areas of our socio-economic development as a whole and the promotion of Belgian and Luxembourg investments in particular;

The Embassy  fosters and supports the holding of joint business fora, working visits by business company representatives, the exchange of trade and economic information, the preparation, signing and the implementation of various bilateral agreements.

Given the specifics of the priority role of the local government bodies in Belgium, the Embassy holds and develops close ties with municipalities and communes, the district governors, with a particular emphasis in the field of economic, trade, transport, culture, education, health, social insurance and others.

The Embassy follows up with priority the strengthening of links and partnership among the local government bodies in Albania, in Belgium and in Luxembourg, aimed at twining various cities among the three countries, according to the model established by the twinning between the city of Liege and that of Elbasani.

In the context of public and cultural diplomacy, the Embassy holds and promotes close cooperation with  major institutes and institutions in the thre countries in the field of education, culture, arts, music, sports and others at all levels, taking part and orgaizing jointly cultural and artistic events in the three countries.

The Embassy assists and supports the process of the overall integration of albanians in Belgium and Luxembourg; it maintains close links with different albanian foundations and associations in Belgium and Luxembourg.

One of the priorities of the Embassy’s activity is the geuine reflection and continuous enhancement of Albania’s image abroad. To this end, apart from the activity in various fields in the press and in the media, it cooperates closely with important cultural and artistic institutions in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Consular Service in the Embassy has the following major tasks and targets:

The protection of the interests and assistance for albanian citizens in Belgium and in Luxembourg, in compliance with the albanian and international legislation.

The major aspects ot its activity are shown below:

Cooperation with domestic authorities ( central and local institutions, various administrationn levels) concerning different problems for the albanian citizens, starting with their right to enter and stay in Belgium and in Luxembourg, the difficulties of administrative nature that albanian citizens  with regular stay in these two coutnries could face, their problems in the field of justice and others.

The perfomance of other consular functions in accordance with the Albanian, Belgian and Luxembourg legislation, as issuing documents for albanian citizens, who are resuident there or who come as visitors in these countries, on the basis of their concrete requests, providing the relevant explanations and the formulation of the documentation related to the legislative aspect for various problems of albanian citizens, as different civil documents ( birth, marriage, divorce, death and other certtificates, fatherhood acknowledgement and others), travel documents, acts related to granting or withdrawing the albanian nationality, legalization of documents issued by the Belgian administration due to be issued in Albania and others)

As of  31.05.2013, in the Consular Service there are also filed applications for albanian identity documents. (Biometric passports and identity cards)

–     More detailled information on this service may be found in the following page)

Establishing and forging bonds with the albanian community in Belgium and in Luxembourg through the cooperation with their own associations or other organizations with  national character.

The promotion of Albania’s image through cultural events, in cooperation with the relevant institutions in Belgium and in Luxembourg and with the albanian associations in these two countries.


              Working Hours for the Consular Service:


For different cconsular actions:


                           Each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

                    From 10.00 – 13.00 Hours


For applications for albanian identity documents:

                                  From Monday until Friday

                   From 10.00 – 14.00 Hours






I-                  Documents that should be shown:

Application for the first time: Old passport

                                                Personal or family certificate

                                                Residence documents in …..

                                                Payment coupon            


Re-Application:   It is done in the cases when the citizens have been issued earlier witth biometric documents ( passport and identity card).

The submission of the documents depends on the reason.       


The reason:       Loss of document       In this cqase, one should have the notification paper of the police, legalized withApostille or from the Foreign Ministry and the relevant Embassy for Belgium, Germany or Spain) and translated.

Replacement for other reasons (data modification, physical damage of the documents and others)

In this case, the person should bring with the document.

The persons who apply for the first time should necessarily apply for the identity card and the passport. Therefore, payment will be required for both documents.

The persons who are re-applying only for their Identity Card, should necessarily show their Passport, together with other documents, as the police notification and payment coupon)

The Identity card will be issued for all persons who on their aplication date have turned 16 years.


II-   Tariffs:         Passsport              170€

                      Identity Card:          16€


III-   Bank Account Number:     BE31 3630 2234 0655

BIC: BBRUBEBB  (for payments effected outside Belgium)



Applications for passports are made every day ( except Saturday and Sunday) from 10:00 – 14:00 Hours.

 It is recomended to set a prior appoinment( at least  a day before) through the phone number  + 32 (0)2 640 14 22.



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 Aplikimet për Pasaportë Biometrike


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